Modulus Design is a Licensed General Contractor (GB98) with project managers, superintendents, a field crew and shop crew. Cooperatively we have an extensive knowledge of varied building methodologies and materials. Modulus Design is experienced in LEED for homes and LEED for new construction. With our capacity to DESIGN. BUILD. FABRICATE all the elements of a project, clients have more opportunities for creative input and are more informed at every stage of the construction process.

Modulus Design works hand in hand with professional licensed electrical, plumbing and mechanical contractors that share our philosophies and understand the high standards we strive to achieve.

Modulus Design is an environmentally conscious company that produces all of its projects with sustainable accountability. We donate, reuse, re-purpose and recycle as much material from our projects as possible. Modulus Design utilizes US Green Build Council methodologies and green materials in the design process and during construction.